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  • A couple people have inquired and even volunteered to participate in translating the Bienenkiste Web site into English. Erhard suggests (and I think this is a good approach) that this proceed so:

    1) Best to start with the main articles, e.g. the sections "Projekt-Info" and "Anleitungen", and then proceed from there.

    2) When a page is largely complete, post a draft version here in the English-language forum.

    - a) Start a new thread for each section, one entire Web page in a single posting (we may later move these into a subforum),

    - b) use a consistent subject line based on the bread-crumb navigation, e.g. "Project-Info->Einführung->Überblick",

    - c) Include a link to the original text as first line in posting.

    - d) Include same bread-crumb (see 2-b) as second line in posting.

    (See my example here.)

    3) By placing these in the Forum here, they become immediately available to readers and can be further discussed/edited, if necessary.

    4) When a certain critical mass has been achieved, and Erhard has time, then the English articles can be moved, one batch at a time, into a set of English-language CMS pages.

    Sound good? Na, dann, an die Arbeit und viel Spass! smiley [Hinweis: KMP hat den Beitrag zuletzt am vor 6 Jahren, 8 Monaten geändert.]
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