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  • Dear beekeepers and friends of the honey bee,

    The Bienenkiste (pron. 'BEE-nən-'KISS-tə) beehive (think "Bee-Kiss") is still largely unknown in the English-speaking world. Almost all of the literature, published or online, about this relatively new hive and method of beekeeping (although based on a much older one with a long tradition), is in German, which is understandable as the Bienenkiste was developed by beekeepers from the non-profit Mellifera e.V. (Centre for Organic Beekeeping*), located in southern Germany.

    Questions are welcome here, and we are working on an English-language translation of the Bienenkiste Website (see the threads in this forum tagged "TRANS-PROJECT").

    In the meantime, if you scroll down to the very bottom-right corner of the Bienenkiste Website, you will find a Google-supported drop-down menu that lets you select automatic translation (e.g. into English), which should be enough to get you started.

    Just remember that local regulations concerning beekeeping can vary from one country or region to another, so do check first with your local network of beekeepers and/or authorities before beginning. And if you are keeping bees in the Bienenkiste hive elsewhere, do let us know!

    Best wishes,


    * In German: "Vereinigung für wesensgemäße Bienenhaltung," which I might be tempted to translate as "Centre for a Holistic Approach to Beekeeping". [Hinweis: KMP hat den Beitrag zuletzt am vor 6 Jahren, 8 Monaten geändert.]
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