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    Beekeeping - simply and naturally!
    The Bienenkiste™ ("BEE-nen-KISS-te") beehive project is a non-profit initiative of Mellifera e.V.

    We show you a simplified method for keeping bees intended for the part-time beekeeper whose primary interests lie in the enjoyment of nature, a natural curiosity about bees, and the desire to harvest honey for personal consumption.

    Project information...

    Building the hive: detailed construction plans

    [Bild alt="Building the hive yourself")

    The Bienenkiste hive is essentially a simple wooden box that you can build yourself. On the front there is a slot that serves as the entrance for the bees. Both the bottom board and the rear panel are removable.

    The Bienenkiste blog

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    In the December 2013 issue of their monthly newsletter for beekeepers, the regional apicultural institutes lend their support and encouragement to the Bienenkiste hive and "those [beginning beekeepers] whose commitment to keeping bees derives from an interest in ecology, life experiences, and an enjoyment of nature."

    Media Library

    [Bild alt="Scene from the video documentary NYC BEE MAN"]

    A picture is worth a thousand words...
    Beekeeping in the Bienenkiste is documented in detail in our extensive library of images and videos. Sources of further information can be found in the book recommendations and links to online articles.

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