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    About us

    The Bienenkiste program is a project of the non-profit organization Mellifera e.V.
    It was jointly developed by master beekeeper Thomas Radetzki and
    Erhard Maria Klein.

    Mellifera e.V. – Centre for Organic Beekeeping [<--Gefällt mir nicht 100%, stammt aber direkt von Mellifera]

    [Foto alt="The Fischermühle Apiary"]

    The teaching and research apiary at Fischermühle was founded in 1985 as a pioneering enterprise dedicated to ecologically oriented beekeeping; it was here that the practical fundamentals of holistic/organic beekeeping -- later to find expression in the Demeter standards for beekeeping, among others -- were developed. The apiary maintains approx. 150 colonies of bees for ongoing research and educational purposes.

    To Mellifera e.V....

    Thomas Radetzki

    [Foto alt="Master beekeeper Thomas Radetzki"]

    Master beekeeper Thomas Radetzki brings more than 35 years of beekeeping experience, intensive research, development, and educational service to the Bienenkiste project. He is a member of the Association of German Bee Research Institutes and recipient of the 2011 Apisticus award.

    »My learning process with single brood chamber hives...«

    Erhard Maria Klein

    [Foto alt="Erhard Maria Klein"]

    The Bienenkiste began with Mellifera contributor/staff member and Hamburg beekeeper (since 2003) Erhard Maria Klein's search for a simpler method of keeping bees, one that would better fit the lifestyle and expectations of the younger, urban "backyard beekeeper". Erhard Maria Klein is project director of the Bienenkiste program.

    Interview: »Bienen in der Großstadt« [Hinweis: KMP hat den Beitrag zuletzt am vor 6 Jahren, 7 Monaten geändert.]
      Kevin M. Pfeiffer - Berlin (Mitglied, Imkerverein Kreuzberg e.V.) - Imkerbuch - Stockwaage - Visitenkarte