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    Press clippings
    What people are saying and writing about the Bienenkiste hive

    Hansa Environmental Award

    [Foto alt="Erhard Maria Klein receiving the award; photo (c) Andrea Küppers"]
    Foto-Unterschrift: Hansa Environmental Award, 2009

    NABU Magazin 3/2011
    Hamburger Abendblatt 23.11.09
    Press release - NABU I
    Press release - NABU II
    Photos from the award presentation

    D.I.B. Aktuell 6/2009
    [Foto alt="D.I.B. Aktuell 6/2009"]
    Newsletter of the German Beekeepers Association (DIB)
    Download... (pdf, in German)

    Professional journals

    [Foto alt="German-language publication 'Die neue Bienenzucht'"]
    Die neue Bienenzucht 1/2010
    Download (pdf, in German)

    [Foto alt="German-language journal 'Deutsches Bienenjournal' 1/2010"]
    Deutsches Bienenjournal 1/2010

    Demeter Gartenrundbrief 3/2010
    Demeter Garten-Rundbrief / Lebendige Erde 3/2010


    Foreign-language press

    [Foto alt="Biodling i Bilådan"]
    Bitidningen 9/2010
    Läs artikeln...

    (Thank you, Martin Grohmann, for the translation into Swedish!)

    [Foto alt="Bijenhouden 1/2010"]
    bijenhouden 1/2010
    Lees het artikel...
    Download (pdf, in Dutch)

    (Dank aan Tijdschrift Bijenhouden)

    Daily press

    Hamburger Abendblatt, 16.06.2011
    Berliner Morgenpost, 11.03.2011
    Die Welt, 24.04.2010
    Aachener Nachrichten, 22.04.2010
    nordbayern.de, 13.04.10


    [Foto alt="Computer-Bild"]
    Computer-Bild 6/2010:
    Websurfing tip of the week

    Press information

    Further resources for journalists

    Bienenkiste Web Forum
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    NABU Magazin "Naturschutz heute" 3/2011
    [Foto alt="Nature magazine Naturschutz heute 3/2011"]
    Unterschrift: Honey from balcony

    Honey from balcony
    Erhard Maria Klein's bees get their nectar from balconies, courtyards, and nearby allotment gardens, or in the nearby city park: "There's almost no better location than the city for keeping bees." Klein, age 41, is a part-time beekeeper in Hamburg and thus part of an international movement.

    Read article (in German)...
    Download (pdf)

    Liebes Land 07/2011

    [Foto alt="Cover Liebes Land 07/2011"]
    Unterschrift: The balcony is buzzing.

    Keeping bees in the city?
    Beekeeping in Hamburg?
    Your own honey?
    Yes, with the Bienenkiste from Hamburg.

    Download (pdf, in German)

    Hamburg: Das Magazin aus der Metropole
    [Foto alt="Hamburg: Das Magazin aus der Metropole (Okt. 2010)"]
    Unterschrift: October 2010: Green city

    Hamburg, the "green" city: Next year Hamburg will hold the title "Green Capital of Europe". The article, "The city of green heroes", includes a report on the Bienenkiste beekeepers of Hamburg (p. 7).
    Read article (in German)...

    Hinz&Kunzt special edition "Hamburger Naturkost"
    [Foto alt="Hinz&Kunzt"]

    A delegation from the street magazine Hinz&Kunst joined in and provided able-bodied assistance with the honey harvest; the result, this lovely article.
    Read article (in German)... / Download (pdf)

    We gratefully acknowledge Hinz&Kunst for permission given to reproduce the article here!

    Gartenfreund - Verbandszeitschrift für das Kleingartenwesen
    [Foto alt="Gartenfreund 3/2010"]

    "Pollinators are becoming a rare sight in our gardens today. But a fruit harvest without the help of these hardworking insects is difficult to imagine, and that's true for the reproduction of many plants as well. Beekeeping, however, has traditionally been a time-consuming hobby. The Bienenkiste hive offers a simpler alternative and is ideally suited for the small allotment garden."
    Read more (in German)...

    Biene Mensch Natur 17 (Winter 2009/2010)
    [Foto alt="Biene Mensch Natur: Interview with Erhard Maria Klein"]

    Interview with Erhard Maria Klein about his motivation to develop the Bienenkiste bee hive and beekeeping in urban areas (p. 12): Read interview (in German)...

    Additionally an article about the Bienenkiste hive (p. 6): Read article (in German)...

    Download entire issue of Biene Mensch Natur 17 (pdf)

    ADIZ/die Biene/Imkerfreund
    [Foto alt="Cover ADIZ/db/IF 8/2009"]

    The Bienenkiste hive is extensively covered in issues 7-9/2009:
    7/09 Guest commentary: Simply keeping bees
    7/09 The Bienenkiste: Concept and method
    8/09 Editorial: Bienenkiste pro and con
    8/09 The Bienenkiste: pro and con, part 1
    9/09 The Bienenkiste: pro and con, part 2

    Download all (in German) as a ZIP archival file

    We gratefully acknowledge ADIZ/die Biene/Imkerfreund for permission given to make these articles available here!

    oya - anders denken.anders leben
    [Foto alt="oya 03/2010"]

    The bee as permacultural networker

    Beekeeping doesn't have to be complicated; there's a place for it in most every permaculture garden. Most of us are familiar with the important role that the honey bee plays and its ecological and economic significance. And who doesn't like honey? So why do so few people keep bees?

    Read article (in German)
    Download (pdf)

    selber machen

    Selber machen - Garten
    [Foto alt="Special issue Garten 3/2011"]

    Many people dream of having their own bees and producing their own organic honey on the side. Traditional beekeeping, however, is associated with a substantial commitment of time and effort. That is why master beekeeper Thomas Radetzki and Erhard Maria Klein developed the Bienenkiste hive.

    Download (pdf, in German)

    verde – das BUDNI Kundenmagazin
    [Foto alt="verde – das BUDNI Kundenmagazin April 2010"

    The city beekeeper: Throughout Europe the numbers of beekeepers and therefore colonies of bees as been declining. A hobby beekeeper in Hamburg wants to encourage a new generation of beekeepers by means of the Bienenkiste hive. Read more (in German)...

    punkt, das Kundenmagazin des Grünen Punkts
    [Foto alt="punkt, das Kundenmagazin des Grünen Punkts"]

    "There are too few honey bees in Germany -- and too few young beekeepers," says Klein. "This has consequences for the cultural landscape and biodiversity."

    Download (pdf, in German, pp. 12-13)

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