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    Press Center

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    It is our policy to make photographs and other media resources available at no expense upon request if the intended use is in connection with the Bienenkiste project (news reporting, presentations, etc.). See: copyright information

    Press photo archive (includes 44 photos, Bienenkiste logo - ZIP file, 128 MB)

    [Foto alt="Link to print version"]
    The images in the Photo Gallery can also be downloaded in higher resolution suitable for print. Click on the printer symbol in the lower left-hand corner and then right-click on the image and choose "Save image as...".

    Photo Gallery

    [Foto alt="Photo Gallery"]
    A picture is worth a thousand words! Discover the fascinating world of beekeeping with the Bienenkiste hive.

    Press clippings

    [Foto alt="Press clipping: Hinz&Kunzt"]
    The Bienenkiste in the news

    Contact us

    [Foto: alt="Contact: Erhard Maria Klein"]
    Erhard Maria Klein
    Tel.: +49 40 88 16 83 35

    [Hinweis: KMP hat den Beitrag zuletzt am vor 6 Jahren, 7 Monaten geändert.]
      Kevin M. Pfeiffer - Berlin (Mitglied, Imkerverein Kreuzberg e.V.) - Imkerbuch - Stockwaage - Visitenkarte