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    Information for specific target groups

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    The Bienenkiste hive was designed for those desiring a simpler way to keep bees and whose primary motivation lies in:
    - an interest in the natural world
    - pollination of the landscape
    - harvesting honey for personal consumption

    The hive thus offers an interesting opportunity for school groups, family farmers, and others wishing to keep their own bees. For beekeeping organizations and clubs, the Bienenkiste hive offers potential new beekeepers a low-tech, appealing introduction to the honey bee and the beekeeping hobby.

    In schools and kindergartens
    [Foto alt="In the school: Children observe closely as a beekeeper explains the function of the hive"]

    The hive is ideal for use in an educational setting: It requires a minimum of time and effort and allows for close-up views of the entire colony at work in the hive during which the bees remain notably calm...

    Experienced beekeepers and clubs
    [Foto alt="Newcomers are introduced to the Bienenkiste hive"]

    More and more, local beekeeping clubs are discovering the benefit of the Bienenkiste hive as a possibility for attracting new beekeepers. How does the hive differ from traditional beekeeping approaches?

    The family farm and community gardens
    [Foto alt="Farming: © wo.men, www.flickr.com/people/16aabb16/"]

    There was a time once when it was taken for granted that beekeeping was a part of the homestead and farming life - chiefly to satisfy the family's own consumption, and in some cases to provide a small additional income.

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