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    Extensive coverage in beekeeping journals

    Informational leaflet: A short introduction to the hive (pdf, in German)

    Preconceptions and misunderstandings
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    Misperceptions about the Bienenkiste hive...

    Frequently asked questions

    Queen excluder
    Brood comb renewal
    Bees building crooked comb
    Relocating the Bienenkiste hive
    Stacking hives
    Further FAQs...

    Beekeeping organizations

    List of all German-language beekeeping organizations

    Experienced beekeepers and clubs

    We are fully aware that the Bienenkiste concept demands of the "old pros" a certain measure of good will and understanding. It is surely not easy for experienced beekeepers to step back and see things through the eyes of the young would-be beekeeper today whose personal situation and lifestyle may be very different from when they themselves first started keeping bees.

    Let us emphasize here once more that the objective of the Bienenkiste concept is not to produce less-qualified beekeepers, but rather to offer the novice a less complex introduction to the fascinating world of beekeeping, one that is more in keeping with contemporary interests and lifestyles. Naturally a basic knowledge of the biology of the honey bee is an essential part of keeping bees in the Bienenkiste hive, as is an awareness of problems such as the varroa mite, foulbrood and other diseases.

    It is our hope that the beekeeping clubs and organizations will graciously support this effort; we believe that the concept offers an opportunity to acquaint a substantially larger share of the population with keeping bees and thus make an important contribution to the future of beekeeping.

    Understanding the concept

    Experienced beekeepers not familiar with the hive often do not properly understand the concept behind the Bienenkiste. We explain the differences between the Bienenkiste and conventional removable-frame beekeeping as well as the principles behind these differences. Read more...

    Beekeeping mentors

    Last but not least, we are dependent upon local beekeepers willing to serve as mentors, answer questions, and provide assistance if needed to those starting out with the Bienenkiste. Registering as a mentor...

    Recruiting new members

    More and more beekeeping clubs and organizations are discovering the Bienenkiste hive's talent for attracting new members. A beekeeping club in Bavaria shows how: Read newspaper article from NordBayern.de (in German)...

    Recently various single brood chamber systems have been discussed as favourable alternatives to traditional beekeeping using removable supers. The Bienenkiste hive is particularly appropriate for those wanting to start keeping bees due to an ecological interest and less so the production of honey: Comparision of various single brood chamber systems...


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